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Should You Refinish Your Kitchen Cabinets?

One of the things that take up a lot of space in your kitchen is the cabinets. That is why they can damage the visual appeal of your kitchen when they start to lose their color due to stains and blemishes. You need to consider cabinet refinishing if you want to rejuvenate the look of your kitchen cabinets. 

Usually, cabinet refinishing includes getting rid of the old paint and applying a fresh one. It’s a cheap way of changing the look of your kitchen. You can make your kitchen a more comfortable and appealing space with the help of cabinet refinishing.

However, there is a question you need to ask yourself before you start. Do you need cabinet refinishing? Fortunately for you, we are here to help. 

Here are several questions you need to ask yourself to determine if your kitchen cabinets require refinishing:

Do You Have the Budget? 

If you’re planning to improve the look of your kitchen, one of the best approaches is cabinet refacing. Unfortunately, cabinet refacing costs a lot of money.  

Cabinet refinishing is the most practical option you can take. This is particularly true if your kitchen cabinets are still in excellent condition. It’s the most affordable way of providing a facelift to your kitchen. 

What Is Your Kitchen Cabinet Made of? 

Though kitchen cabinet refinishing is a great way to enhance your kitchen’s look, it isn’t ideal for every material. It can be difficult to paint your kitchen cabinets if they’re made of materials such as stainless steel, laminate, and vinyl. Usually, professionals recommend cabinet refinishing for cabinets made of solid wood.  

Thus, you should first consult an expert to know if you can refinish your kitchen cabinets.  

Do You Need a New Layout for Your Kitchen Cabinets? 

Cabinet refinishing might not be an ideal option if you want to create more storage for bigger appliances in your kitchen.  

On the other hand, cabinet refinishing might be enough for your needs if you simply want to create several cosmetic changes to enhance the aesthetics of your kitchen.  

What is the Condition of Your Cabinets? 

Your old kitchen cabinets might appear like you have to replace them at first look. However, you should examine your cabinets closely before you think about replacing them. Most of the time, old cabinets that appear ugly are still structurally stable.  

Cabinet refinishing can provide your cabinets the facelift they require if they’re still in excellent shape. On the other hand, you should think about installing new cabinets if your current ones are damaged to the point that you can’t use them anymore.  

Should You Refinish Your Cabinets? 

To make things simple, you should refinish your cabinets if they are still in excellent shape and made of solid wood. Furthermore, cabinet refinishing is perfect if you aren’t worried about changing the layout of your kitchen and if you’ve got a tight budget.  

If you’re planning to sell your house, you can elevate the look of your kitchen without spending a lot of money by simply refinishing your kitchen cabinets 


Things to Consider when Refinishing Kitchen Cabinets

Aside from being functional, your kitchen cabinets can help enhance the look of your kitchen. It is where you store your expensive cutleries. It helps highlight the beauty of your house. However, these cabinets can take a lot of wear and tear from all the activities you do in your kitchen. You can either choose to refinish or replace them. This depends on how worn out they are.

Think about kitchen cabinet refinishing first before you plan for a replacement. It’s a more affordable choice. On several occasions, it can be as successful as replacing.

Today, we’re going to share with you several things to consider when refinishing kitchen cabinets.

Think About Choosing Between Matte and Gloss

Typically, gloss is a more cost-effective choice if your cabinet remodeling project includes painting the surface. Gloss paints have an additional shine. They’re resistant to moisture. They’re simpler to clean. That is why it isn’t necessary to use varnish.  

You will still have to apply varnish if you want to refinish your cabinets using non-gloss paint. The additional coating protects the underlying material. If you pick matte paints, you need to think about the additional expenses for varnishing.  

Mix Hardware to Create a Unique Look 

You can combine various forms of hardware to improve the overall design of the room. Nickel polish or knobs with brass can match the rustic look of a traditional kitchen. 

You can also consider pulls and knobs of various colors. Your lower and upper cabinets can also have different finishes. Using various designs works with the colorful kitchen islands that are common with modern interior designers. 

Think About Replacing Hardware During Cabinet Refinishing 

Before a professional can start painting your kitchen cabinets, they will have to get rid of some hardware. During this point, you might want to think about replacing worn-out and old parts with new ones.  

Worn-out and small parts, such as hinges, can affect the look of your kitchen. Nowadays, there are a lot of modern hardware options you can try. Make sure you choose one that will properly complement the current style of your kitchen.  

Consider the Final Look of Your Kitchen 

There are a lot of sources online that you can use to look for ideas for kitchen cabinet refinishing. Since there are tons of ideas out there, there is a huge possibility that you’ll get lost trying to determine which one looks best for your kitchen. Because of this, a lot of professionals recommend you think about how you want your kitchen to look in the end. Do you want your kitchen to look more traditional? Do you want to have a modern-style kitchen?  

The cabinet refinishing project can be pretty time-consuming and exerting. You should take your time to prepare a temporary one that you can utilize during the project. This will help you avoid unnecessary project delays and interruptions. If you want to make your cabinet refinishing project a successful one, always work with a professional kitchen cabinet refinishing contractor.